About Casa Andina

Casa Andina is a Peruvian-owned and -operated hotel group. Its unique roster of hotels, inspired by Peru’s regional attractions and the indelible flavors of each destination, focus on local elements throughout: in decoration, architecture, gastronomy, activities and music – in sum, the entire travel experience.

Founded in 2003, Casa Andina has quickly become the most important hotel group in Peru, as judged by quality of management and efficient operations – and not just in terms of annual income but in the quantity of hotels, rooms and destinations covered. Currently, Casa Andina boasts a portfolio of 21 hotels located in the twelve most important destinations in Peru.

The group comprises three distinct brands of hotel: Classic – comfortable hotels in central locations – Select- the perfect choice for modern, urban and business traveler- and Private Collection – spectacular hotels in spectacular locations.

Casa Andina is part of the Interbank Business Group, along with other businesses formed entirely with Peruvian capital, including Interbank, Interseguros, Plaza Vea, Tiendas Peruanas, Vivanda, Cineplanet, and Peruplast, Bembos, among others. Belonging to a such a solid and diversified group of businesses not only provides financial stability to Casa Andina, but multiplies growth opportunities for its co-workers.