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Booking Online

What are the reservation conditions? What does the rate consider? Is the rate base by person or by room? Can I cancel or modify my reservation? Which expenses can a cancellation or change of reservation generates? How can I pay a reservation? Which is the maximum number of rooms that I can book through the web? Can I enlarge or reduce my stay at the hotel once I get there? Can I make reservations for the same day? What documentation should I submit at check in? Can beds be added to the rooms? Should I include a child or infant in the reservation? What are the conditions that apply to children? Is it possible to request a crib or a room with special characteristics? How do I know if my reservation has been done successfully? In case an error occurs during the booking process, how does the reservation get confirmed? What happens if I don´t receive the confirmation email? What should I do if there is no record of my booking at the hotel? What is the usual time for check in and check out? If I plan to arrive later than 6 pm, should I notice the hotel?

Tours and Activities

Do you offer tours or excursions? Can the hotel purchase the ticket to access Machu Picchu for me? Can you book airline tickets? How do I find out if the hotel provides transport and how to book it?

Facilities and Infrastructure

What is the difference between a double room and a double with two beds? Do the rooms provide private baths? Does the pictures are from the exact rooms? Do you have smoking rooms? Are pets allowed in your hotels? Do you provide parking?

Contact Us

Where can I find the hotel phone number and/or e-mail address? How can I provide a comment about a hotel? Where can I read guest reviews about your hotels?