Dog Friendly

Pet Care and Admission Policy

We understand that pets are an important part of families. In order for your stay and that of your pet to be as pleasant as possible and in order not to cause discomfort to you and the rest of our guests, it is necessary for you to become acquainted with and to accept CASA ANDINA’s Pet Care and Admission Policy detailed below:

  • At CASA ANDINA, we allow guests to bring their dogs (pets) with them provided that they comply with our Pet Care and Admission Policy.
  • Dog Friendly reservations can only be made through the Reservations Department / Contact Center or in person.
  • Reservations should preferably be requested 02 working days in advance.
  • Only two dogs per room shall be allowed.
  • When making a reservation, guests must hand over the certificates issued by a registered veterinarian (or competent government agency) that certify updated vaccinations and deworming of their pet. The date on the certificate should not exceed one (01) year. It is necessary for you to carry the referred certificates with you during your stay at the hotel and show them when CASA ANDINA’s staff requires you to do so.
  • Pets’ maximum weight should not exceed eighteen (18) kilos.
  • The entry of potentially dangerous breeds, in application of Peruvian legislation, such as American Pitbull, Brazilian line, Japanese cough, bullmastiff, Doberman and Rottweiler, as well as those who have been trained for fights or who have participated in them, will not be admitted. , those who have a history of aggressiveness against people and who can not ensure their sociability, temperament or character.
  • A pet’s entrance fee is US$ 63.00 (it includes taxes and services) per night. The price is per pet. The amount corresponding to one night of invoiced accommodation per room must be left as a guarantee. CASA ANDINA shall not be responsible for feeding your pet. During guests’ stay, their pets may make use of the following on loan: (i) a dog bed; (ii) plates with food; and, (iii) a mat. CASA ANDINA will give guests with a pet for their pets’ stay: (i) a key ring with disposable bags; and, (ii) absorbent pads.
  • Pets shall need to use absorbent pads that will be placed in guests’ bathrooms as toilet. In all other cases, guests shall be responsible for collecting their pet’s poop and they should immediately inform CASA ANDINA’s cleaning staff. It is not allowed to use CASA ANDINA’S hotel lingerie to pick up pets’ pee and poop and to clean pets.
  • Your Pet should always remain with you during your stay at CASA ANDINA. Pets are not allowed to climb on beds, sofas, armchairs, and other furniture inside rooms. Pets are also not allowed to be left alone inside guests’ room, or in any common CASA ANDINA areas. To make use of our restaurants, you can be accompanied by your pet.
  • When you need to travel through the common areas of the hotel, your Pet should always remain with his belt.
  • Guests will be solely responsible for their pets’ care and behavior. They need to prevent their pets from barking, from making noise, and from behaving in such a way that it causes other guests to feel uncomfortable.
  • Any damage or incident caused by guests’ pets to any person shall be borne in full by the guest whose pet has caused this damage or incident. That guest shall need to cover all costs and repair costs that apply, including, but not limited to, medical expenses of people affected. Should CASA ANDINA incur in expenses and costs then these must immediately be reimbursed by the guest whose pet caused this damage or incident.
  • Damage caused by guests’ pets to furniture inside rooms and in the other CASA ANDINA facilities will be borne in full by guests at the time of guests’ Check Out. The following will be taken into consideration:

USD 75.00 for damage to every piece of furniture or fixtures

USD 90.00 for damage to linens (sheets, pillows, towels, etc.) and other goods.

USD 350.00 for damage to each mattress.

The foregoing does not limit CASA ANDINA’s demand for payment of higher amounts if the damaged goods have a higher value.

  • Any kind of act of mistreatment or cruelty towards guests’ pets, or acts that endanger public health is strictly forbidden. According to Peruvian legislation, these actions constitute crimes that can be punished with a prison sentence. CASA ANDINA will immediately notify the competent authorities of these actions.
  • Guests entering with guide dogs must show certificates issued by the competent entities attesting that these dogs are guide dogs.

We appreciate you staying with us and hope you have a pleasant stay at CASA ANDINA with your pet.