Nessus Hoteles Perú S.A., identified with Peruvian Taxpayer’s Number 20505670443 in compliance with the provisions of Peruvian Law Number 29733, Law on Personal Data Protection and its regulations, approved by Peruvian Supreme Decree No. 003-2013-JUS, offers a procedure to exercise the rights of Access, Amendment, Cancellation, and Objection regarding your personal data contained in the databases of our ownership.

In order to properly handle your request, we kindly ask that you provide the following information:


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El presente formulario deberá ser contestado únicamente por el representante legal del titular

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Seleccione el tipo de solicitud que desea ingresar:

ACCESS Request aimed at obtaining information from Nessus Hoteles S.A. about oneself that was stored in Nessus Hoteles S.A.’s database, as well as information relating to the general conditions and the use of such information.
AMENDMENT Request aimed at: (i) updating your data; (ii) correcting information that proves to be inaccurate, misleading, or false; and / or (iii) including information in the database. In all cases you must attach the information to support the source of the amendment.
CANCELLATION Request aimed at suppressing personal information stored in Nessus Hoteles S.A.’s database as the information is no longer necessary or relevant for the purpose for which it was compiled, when the deadline for its use would have expired or when the consent given for using the information was revoked.
OBJECTION Request aimed at preventing the processing of personal data or termination thereof, when the holder would not have consented for the information to be used or when s/he states that there are founding and legitimate reasons concerning a specific personal situation that justifies doing so.

Exponga de forma clara y precisa en el espacio en blanco los alcances de su solicitud, señalando la información a la que desea acceder, rectificar, cancelar o respecto de la cual desea formular oposición:

Si cuenta con información adicional y/o documentos que faciliten la localización de los datos personales relacionados con la presente solicitud, por favor adjuntar copia de estos.

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Nessus Hoteles Perú S.A. shall proceed to notify our reply to your request at the home or email address stated in this document. The holder of the personal data authorizes and accepts the sending of the notification(s) referred to in this procedure to any of the addresses mentioned above. Requests shall be answered within the limits laid down in Chapter I of Title IV of the Rules of the Law on Personal Data Protection, approved by Peruvian Supreme Decree No. 003-2013-JUS. If abovementioned deadlines have expired without you receiving an answer to your request, you may consider the fact that your request was denied, without prejudice to your right to initiate proceedings for your data protection with the “Dirección General de Protección de Datos Personales” [Directorate General of the Personal Data Protection] of the Peruvian Ministry of Justice.


Type of Request Deadline
Information 8 working days
Revocation 5 working days
Access 20 working days
Amendment, Cancellation and Objection 10 working days

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