Social responsibility


Peru Champs is a nonprofit organization that provides scholarships to children with high potential and low-income family . With the help of Peru Champs we empower the lives of thousands of children.

We help children in the form of donations from our guests. 5 $ – $ 10 $ -25 contribute to one day of international quality education.

In the case of Casa Andina our Champ was Andrés Sillo , a young man with a lot of interest in cooking and service matters , which we support in his studies the years 2014 -2015. Andrés was part of a rigorous evaluation process to get a full scholarship in a renowned university. Because of its constant effort and good academic Andrés got the full scholarship to study at the university. It is very gratifying for us to see the effort of Andrés reflected in meeting his goals!

We hope to contribute with another Champ in his/her quest for success

We will keep you informed of our next actions.


Hösėg is a start up company created by the Snak brothers three Peruvian brothers , Addicts to outdoors, decided to combine knowledge and passion , based on the premise : “We have to help “. With his Hungarian roots and a Based Education Importance of sharing, co-exist and always do good, Hösėg was born in 2013.

Vulnerable to the bitter cold , they came creating an innovative line of jackets, of high quality warmth. By selling this jacket, another jacket will be delivered to one Peruvian child. ” Hösėg is created to help.” Always fostering a culture and a movement constantly innovative in time.

Understanding the reality of many people that live in cold areas in Peru, we started our Social Responsibility Project. We decided to join Hösėg, by making together 1,000 high quality coats to warm 1,000 children of high Andean areas.

In a first stage we implemented the delivery of 500 coats in communities of Cusco and in May 2016 we delivered the remaining 500 coats in different communities of Puno.

We are very happy with what has been achieved !